April 2020

April 2020

April, 1. Nicolò Bedendo announced that the advisory committee he formed for True North, which was tasked to head a Reg S private placement program for the Company in Italy, has its first investor. This first subscription for a Convertible Promissory Note was made as part of the program supporting the Fintech strategy previously announced and funding has kicked off. We are encouraged by this investor’s confidence, given the extenuating Coronavirus circumstances in Italy.

April, 15. True North signed a Research and Services Agreement with MEDICI Global, to support the market & business research for a Neobank in Europe. This initiative will capitalize on its existing user acquisition capability, from the acquisition of Box 23, adding to the 35 employees of True North.”


“We are pleased to bring True North on as a preferred client. MEDICI is the world’s leading FinTech Research and Innovation Platform. As a premier destination for FinTech insights, MEDICI has over 13,000 FinTechs on the platform, which enables FinTechs to scale and create global economic impact. By partnering with banks, various technology companies, and FIs globally, MEDICI is committed to supporting the complex financial services ecosystem and enabling stakeholders to benefit from the industry’s accelerated growth and global impact.”